Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Evil Weasel down in Austin, Texas

Over two and a half years ago, a University of Texas student (and good friend of mine) came to me with an important question. He asked, "What is a Wolverine?" To be honest, that's a legitimate question from a guy who grew up in south Texas. For him, the Longhorn steer is a very visible icon throughout the plains, hills, and valleys of Texas. But the smirk turned smile on my face made him realize that he was about to find an answer that he wouldn't forget.

If you google "Wolverine," one of the first few websites you visit offers the following definition:

"Picture a weasel -- and most of us can do that, for we have met that little demon of destruction, that small atom of insensate courage, that symbol of slaughter, sleeplessness, and tireless, incredible activity -- picture that scrap of demoniac fury, multiply that mite some fifty times, and you have the likeness of a Wolverine." Ernest Thompson Seton, 1953

My friend let out a laugh as he described how a Longhorn steer's sheer size and strength (not his will to live and survive) was enough to crush the Wolverine. He was waiting for me to enter the argument, but I went on proudly reciting Mr. Seton's description until he clung to the fire in my voice and the certainty in those words.

The following day, we were sitting around my office at UT's Alumni Association, and he was happy to recognize me as "The Evil Weasel."

So there you have it. I'm very proud to be Michigan. My name is Corey, and I am about 1 of 40 people working for the University of Texas' Alumni Association. It's called the Texas Exes, and it is a very aggressive and innovative non-profit that gives me the creative freedom to put my education and Michigan-inspired leadership to work. After a long August prepping for an important fall, I'm smiling and reflecting on the "sleeplessness, and tireless, incredible activity" that is building a better future for students here in Austin.

I'm sure to spend more time diving into the details of my work, but tonight, I wish y'all the best with a brand new year at Michigan and your commitment to get to know yourself and your important gifts to the world. The beautiful American Flag flying over the Diag protects your commitment. Go Blue from Texas!