Thursday, January 04, 2007

Parents' hands in leadership

Tomorrow, my mom will start her weekend with minor hand surgery to release and repair her “trigger” thumb. As we get older, we inevitably discover fascinating things about human biology and medical technology. As expected, we watch our parents make their initial discoveries with their own aging bodies before we start to make our own.

Earlier today, I paused to thank my mom for taking care of herself, and it made me think of something else to share. When we are lucky enough to start our own families, we will lead our children as far as our bodies will allow us to lead them. In some instances, our aging hands will physically lead them to their first days of school, and in other instances, our quiet leadership will require creating space for them to learn and grow on their own terms.

Either way, it is the most important leadership we will practice in this world. To leave this world in strong hands is to leave behind healthy, educated, creative, and responsible children.